bunionBunions are Caused by wearing too narrow, short or high shoes in youth, as feet become less flexible they will develop larger joints to try to “push” the problem out of the way and increase their space. – Unfortunately the enlarged joint or bunion causes pain if it swells – it becomes hot, swollen, tender and may develop a corn. On the underside of the foot the metatarsal arch which supports the ball of the foot will start to collapse causing more tenderness and corns.



bunions shoeTo prevent  bunions (Hallux Valgus) it is best to wear appropriate footwear, if you are walking any distance wear supportive shoes with a low heel. Stilettos or “car-to-bar” shoes are just that, they are for short term wear as the pressure on the fore foot and lower back will cause harm with extended wear.

If your feet are already showing signs of internal movement – dropping of the metatarsal arch or enlargement of the Hallux  or big toe joint  then you need to wear wider shoes and use an insert (orthotic) to support the foot and prevent further damage.

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