Podiatry – Chiropody

€55 – €60 per treatment

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  • images-3images-4Regular podiatry treatment ensures your feet are in tip-top condition, that you feel as though you are walking on air without pain.
  • Chiropody/Podiatry is a full treatment of the feet & lower legs to remove hard, calloused skin, corns, overgrown and ingrown nails.  Feet will be checked for signs of disease of the skin and blood supply, special attention is paid to check for signs of diabetes and biomechanical movement of the legs, hips and feet.
  • Verrucaes will be treated, vitamin and mineral supplements may be prescribed.
  • Treated areas may be strapped and padded.
  • If time allows the foot and lower leg will be massaged to improve skin quality and enhance circulation.
  •  A full evaluation of the patient’s foot will be taken which includes medical details – please bring a list of your prescribed medication.
  •  If there is an apparent condition the patient will be referred for further treatment to a specialist practitioner or for more regular podiatry.