Chiropody/Podiatry is a full treatment of the feet & lower legs to remove hard, calloused skin, corns, overgrown and ingrown nails.  Feet will be checked for signs of disease of the skin and blood supply, special attention is paid to check for signs of diabetes and biomechanical movement of the legs, hips and feet.

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Our treatments include:

Chiropodist: In Ireland and the UK it has been the practise to call a health professional proficient in the care of the lower limbs a Chiropodist. The word Chiropodist comes from the Greek term and is pronounced with a hard “C” kir-op-o-dist.

How is a chiropodist different from a podiatrist?  The simple answer is that they are the same, Podiatrist is the Latin term with the same meaning. Podiatrist is the term used in Europe, USA and Canada and in the following years the word Chiropodist will be phased out making life simpler and the standards in the UK, Ireland and Europe will be similar. Chiropody or Podiatry is simply the study of feet and lower limbs, the functions and diseases associated with both.