Commoner garden warts, they can occur all over and inside the body and are known as the “human papilloma virus” and cause all kinds of problems. There are many ways to treat warts but the first is to get healthy and promote the immune system, for this it is recommended to take a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement, then for good measure get the wart treated. In children warts or verrucas may disappear within three podiatry treatments, the younger the patient are the easier to get rid of the wart.

WartsHowever, adults are a different story and it can take several treatments to clear a wart, other warts may grow in the mean-time so it is important to understand eventually the wart will go. Visiting a podiatrist is essential to prevent spreading the virus.

To get rid of warts you must listen and trust your chiropodist who may also want you to take a homeopathic treatment and a vitamin and mineral  supplement as backup. Warts in adults are difficult to treat but with a little persistence suddenly they disappear.

Verrucas are warts on the foot, very contagious so visit Gillian Fox podiatrist and get it treated.

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