cellulitis patient 1I have spoken about cellulitis recently because I have experienced more of this awful condition in new patients. If you arrive with an already tender and inflamed leg I will have to direct you to your doctor. These photos are of a very recent patient of mine who arrived 6 weeks ago with a painful leg and I explained candidly that as a Diabetic patient he was always at risk of infection and that cellulitis is associated with any venal problem (veins and circulatory), all diabetics are at risk of heart attack and stroke so therefore cellulitis is a risk . Diabetics have poor healing and cellulitis has a direct effect. This patient was hospitalised for more than two weeks and the first course of I.V antibiotics did not work then he was put into a private room and given very strong antibiotics which made him feel worse and sent home after 6 days with oral antibiotics. The photos you see are 6 weeks from his initial visit. cellulitis patient 2