Right foot seed corns

Corns are such inconspicuous little things until they start to hurt then they throb and many patients say they feel as thought there is a stone or pebble in their shoe or a pin sticking into their foot.

Why do we get corns?

Corns are nature’s best remedy to off-load weight or pressure from the foot – whether it be from poorly fitting shoes or physical problems within the foot (hammer toes etc.). Shearing begins a blister and shortly a corn begins to form using keratin the same protein which hardens nails and hair to make the corn rock hard. I have used this picture of a not too common problem of seed corns over the whole sole of this patient’s feet caused by shearing or movement of the soles of the feet against a hard sole, the simple answer we hope is a soft cushioned insole. Please text 0831661531 for appointments.seed corns both plantar surfaces