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Nike runnersYou need to put some Spring in your step! Everyone wants to go out and walk now that the days are longer. As the weather warms and the days grow longer here are a few pointers to keep your feet healthy.

Trainers should be at least one size larger than your shoe size, they are designed to stay on and as you pound the pavements your feet get hot, sweaty and increase in size – thick socks absorb moisture as the foot increases in volume, having a larger sized trainer means comfortable feet with less likely-hood of getting ingrown toenails or developing bunions.

When you wash your feet be it in a shower or basin remember to dry them thoroughly paying attention between toes, dust very lightly  with an anti-fungal powder if you are in the gym (as this eases getting on socks) or massage a mix of one pea sized amount of anti-fungal cream with a pea sized amount of regular foot cream (such as Eucerine) all over both feet. Spring and Summer are when foot fungus flourishes – especially in dark, closed shoes. Let your feet into the sun where possible as sunlight is both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, walking in the sea also promotes healthy feet.asics runners